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Updated: May 27, 2019 is a trilingual website – French, German and English –that will simplify your interaction with the Luxembourgish State and administration, whether you are an individual, a professional or a company. enables citizens and businesses to carry out a large number of administrative procedures with administrations and public bodies. The information pages, which guide you through your procedures, help you by specifying:

  • who is concerned

  • the conditions that need to be met

  • if applicable, the costs involved

  • the practical details of your request

  • the main points of contact.

On you will also find:

  • downloadable forms related to the procedures which may, in certain cases, also be sent to the body concerned by electronic means

  • a catalogue of administrative procedures to be carried out online via the secure platform

  • news informing you of new developments related to administrative procedures

  • online tools such as a rent subsidy simulator

  • decision trees to get a clearer picture of your rights.

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